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Cindy Combs       
Sunny Rain

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  Sunny Rain 5:45
  Laid Back Slack 3:53
  Kamelenahenaheokekai 3:531
  Days of My Youth 4:37


  Pakala 6:23
  Ua Noho Au A Kupa / Wai’alae 3:44
  Namolokama 2:00
  Mauna Loa 3:54
  Pu’olo Point 4:33


  Mauna Loa Lei 1:57
  Lullabye (Goodnight Keiki) 4:27
  Aloha ‘Oe Ā Hui Hou 5:25
  Night Blooming Cereus 4:52

Total time 54:08

This solo instrumental recording features five new compositions by Cindy, and eight of her beautiful arrangements of classic Hawaiian songs by other composers.

Cindy Combs       
Slack Key Lady

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  Hi'ilawe (instrumental) 2:47
  Kalena Kai (instrumental) 4:30
  Sweet Leilani (vocal) 5:40
  Roselani Blossoms (instrumental) 3:15
  Kipu (vocal) 4:54
  Ke Welina (instrumental) 5:30

  Makani 'Ula'ula (instrumental) 5:26
  Ku'u Home O Kahalu'u (vocal) 6:31
  Kaulana Na Pua (instrumental) 7:04
  Wahine 'Ilikea (instrumental) 2:50
  Sweet Memory (vocal) 4:45
  Whispering Hope (Soft as the Voice of an Angel)
      (instrumental) 5:22

Slack Key Lady (38041) Kaua'i's slack key lady, Cindy Combs shares four vocal pieces and eight instrumentals perfected over thirty years of performing, learning and composing. Including classics like Hi'ilawe, Wahine 'Ilikea, Kaulana Na Pua and Ku'u Home O Kahalu'u, as well as seven other Hawaiian standards and two originals, SLACK KEY LADY celebrates talent and tradition from the musically rich Garden Island of Kaua'i.ngs are played as solo instrumentals to express ka leo o loko (the voice within) and the feeling of solitude.

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