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Keola Beamer       
Ka Hikina O Ka Hau
  (The Coming of the Snow)         (02024)

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Download Daniel O'Donoghue's arrangement of Gymnopédie no. 1 for one guitar Here

  Stopping By Woods On A Snowy Evening 3:36
  Poli'ahu (The Mauna Kea Snow Goddess) 6:48
  The Little Drummer Boy/Winter Aloha 4:01
  Gymnopédie no. 1  3:26
  Gnossienne no. 3  2:57
  Gymnopédie no. 2  2:53
  Gnossienne no. 4  2:31
  Gymnopédie no. 3  2:42
  Pavane For A Sleeping Beauty 2:46
  Lullaby Of The Cat 3:09
  Chiquilín de Bachín 3:05
  Milonga 2:01
  Tutu Marambà 2:32
  Cantar Montañés 2:30
  Spinning Song 2:09
  Song Of India 3:46
  Venetian Boat Song 3:40
  The Nightingale 1:59
  If My Complaints Could Passions Move 2:17
  Come Heavy Sleep 2:26

Over the years many people have asked me to try and explain the Hawaiian Slack Key Guitar. “What is it?”
they ask.

I have spent a large part of my life in search of a decisive answer to this question, without any real success. In fact, I often feel that attempts to define our art form merely place limitations upon it. In truth, music transcends words. Music simply goes where it wants to go despite how we choose to describe it. There is a sentiment in our native language…mai po'i 'ino i ka pulelehua 'o ke aloha. It means, do not attempt to trap the butterfly (of love) with your hands.

Keola Beamer

Keola Beamer       
Soliloquy - Ka Leo O Loko        

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Part 1
  Pailolo 2:27
 Kapalua Bay 3:01
 Kaulana Na Pua 3:15
 Kolowaka 3:15
 Li'i's Song 3:35
 Mino'aka 2:47
 Moana's Laundry Basket 3:25
Part 2
  Na Hala O Naue 3:21
 Wai Ulu 3:19
 Pauahi 'O Kalani 3:26
 Kawohikukapulani 2:50
 The Myna Bird's Dobro 3:32
 Papa's 'Okolehao 2:24
 Ka Makani 'Ula'ula 2:25
 Pua Lililehua 2:58

For over thirty years, Keola Beamer's artistry has helped breathe new life into slack key music while remaining true to the soul of its deeply Hawaiian roots. For his fifth Dancing Cat release, Keola offers nine original compositions, the most he has ever recorded on a single album, and six Hawaiian classics. All are played in his unique style, which combines his own innovations with traditional slack key. Eight of the songs are played as solo instrumentals to express ka leo o loko (the voice within) and the feeling of solitude.

Keola Beamer       
Kolonahe - From the Gentle Wind       

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Part 1
  Ku'u Lei Awapuhi (vocal) 3:35
  Shaka Slack Key (instrumental with George
        Winston on guitar) 4:03
  Maika'i Ka Makani O Kohala (How Fine the
        Wind of Kohala) (vocal) 4:34
  The Beauty of Mauna Kea (vocal with George
        Winston on piano) 5:10
  Pele Trilogy (vocal) 4:11
   Maui Waltz (instrumental) 3:23
  Kauhale O Kamapua'a (instrumental with
        George Winston on piano) 3:07
Part 2
  He Wahine Hololio (vocal) 4:45
  Blue Water Dolphin (instrumental) 4:15
  He Aloha Mele (vocal) 3:43
  Ipo Lei Manu/He'eia (vocal) 5:31
  Honolulu City Lights (vocal) 4:39
  Ka Makani KA'ili Aloha (vocal with George
        Winston on piano) 4:12

A gentle breeze is one of the most cherished images in Hawaiian music. On KOLONAHE - FROM THE GENTLE WIND, Hoku Award winning slack key guitar master Keola Beamer lovingly performs thirteen of his favorite songs about or inspired by ka makani (the wind). In the trademark style that has won him fans around the world, he blends a wide variety of sounds, from ancient Hawaiian chant to contemporary instrumental. Guest artists include George Winston and members of the Modern Mandolin Quartet.

Keola Beamer       
Mauna Kea - White Mountain Journal            

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Part 1
  'Imi Au Ia 'Oe 3:11
 Manu Kai (Sea Bird) 1:24
 Sweet Lei Mamo 3:26
 Keiki Dream (Child Dream) 3:12
 Kaula 'ili (The Lariat) 3:10
 Hi'ilawe 2:32
  Pupu Hinuhinu (Shiny Shell Lullaby) 3:30
 Ke'ena Malu (Quiet Place) 3:48
Part 2
  'Ulili E (The Wandering Tattler Bird) 2:52
 Pua Tubarose (Tuberose Blossom) 3:57
 Barefoot on the Range 3:50
 Sase (Sassy) 1:45
 For Sweetheart Grandma 4:06
 Makika (Mosquito) 2:45
 Ka Wailele O ‘Akaka (‘Akaka Falls) 3:50

MAUNA KEA-WHITE MOUNTAIN JOURNAL is an instrumental diary of Keola's upbringing told through the sweet sounds of his guitar. Each song on this recording paints a vivid image of heart rending moments from Keola's youth under the watchful eyes of Mauna Kea Mountain. Keola plays solo as well as creating arrangements for two guitars in his trademark style. Also features a slack key guitar duet with George Winston.

Keola Beamer       
Moe'uhane Kika - "Tales From the Dream Guitar"

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Part 1
 E Ku'u Morning Dew 4:44
 Lei 'Awapuhi 3:13
 Winter Tide 3:23
 He Punahele No 'Oe 3:47
 Slack Key Music Box 2:28
 Ku'uipo Ku'u Lei 3:44
 Sweet Singing Bamboo 3:59
Part 2
 Medley: Ke Ali'i Hulu Mamo & Kimo Hula 3:48
 Roselani Blossoms 3:06
 Holo Wa'apa 1:39
 Au Kai 2:46
 'Alekoki 3:33
 Medley: Bali Ha'i & Stranger in Paradise 3:04
 Medley: Ku'u Lei 'Awapuhi Melemele &
       Pua Be Still 3:23
 Sanoe 3:14

Keola draws on a Hawaiian heritage that encompasses his deep roots in traditional chant and hula, himeni (hymns), the classic royal songs, and modern influences, all of which contribute to his very original and beautiful slack key style. Ki ho `alu (slack key) is the name for the finger-style guitar tradition unique to Hawai'i. First introduced to Island culture by Hawaiian cowboys in the early 1800s, this evocative world music is characterized by a variety of tunings and the wealth of deep feelings each individual artist brings to the music.

Keola Beamer       
Wooden Boat

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 Hemo Da Kope Bean 4:28
 Po Mahina (Night Moon) 2:15
 Shells 6:01
 Kalena Kai 4:37
 Wooden Boat 3:55
 Hula Lady 3:02
 Dancers in the Land of Po 5:21
  No Ke Ano Ahiahi (In the Evening Time) 3:54
 Don't You Want To Be My Baby? 3:58
 Kealia 4:17
 'Elepaio Slack Key 3:05
 E Manono 4:21
 He Aloha No `O Honolulu (Beloved is Honolulu) (3:57)
 Where I Hold You 4:03

Anchored in five generations of one of Hawai'i's most illustrious musical families, the talent of Keola Beamer has made him one of the Island's premier slack key guitarists. WOODEN BOAT features original contemporary and traditional music that continues to evolve the musical form known as Hawaiian slack key guitar. Accompanying Keola are his friends George Winston, Linda Tillery and Philip Aaberg. Lulling lyrices are evocative instrumentation are bound to make a slack key fan out of all who listen.

Keola Beamer       
Hawaiian Slack Key Guitar in the Real Old Style
(Mountain Apple Records MACD 2033)

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  • Real Old Style
  • Pua Lili Lehua
  • Hawaiian Cowboy
  • Kawohikukapulani
  • Guava Tree
  • Wi Ha
  • Kaulana Na Pua
  • The Beauty of Mauna Kea
  • Lovely Hula Hands
  • Adios Ke Aloha
  • Pupu Hinuhinu

Hawaiian Slack Key Guitar in the Real Old Style (Mountain Apple Records MACD 2033) Eight instrumentals and three vocals, all with arrangements for two slack key guitars -– 1972

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