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Leonard Kwan       
Ke'ala's Mele

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  • New 'Opihi Moemoe #3 (instrumental) 3:06
  • Medley: Pretty Kehaulani & Ipo Hula (instrumental) 3:32
  • Yellow Bird (instrumental) 4:09, 400KB
  • Old Mauna Loa (instrumental) 3:35
  • Kananaka (instrumental) 2:24
  • Ke'ala's Mele (instrumental) 6:09
  • Mauna Loa (instrumental) 3:29
  • Medley: Puamana & Mi Nei (instrumental) 4:12
  • Kanaka 'O Mose (instrumental) 3:19
  • Medley: None Hula & He Aloha No 'O Honolulu (instrumental) 3:56
  • Medely: E Lili'u E & Ki Ho'alu (vocal) 3:21
  • Ki Ho'alu Chime (instrumental) 3:41

KE'ALA'S MELE is Leonard's first release in the Hawaiin Slack Key Guitar Masters Series and contains a harmonious mix of traditional slack key pieces and originals. These are his first solo recordings. The intimate format allows you to enjoy Leonard's distinctive style to its fullest.

KE'ALA'S MELE is his first recording in more than twenty years and represents a very special event in the career of one of slack key's most influential and beloved figures.

Leonard Kwan       
The Legendary Leonard Kwan
      (HOCD 55000)

Download sheet music for Opihi MoeMoe:   Page 1   Page 2   Page 3

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  • Hawaiian Chimes (2:51)
  • ‘Opihi Moemoe (2:57)
  • My Yellow Ginger Lei/ E Huli Huli Ho’i Mai (2:35)
  • ‘Opihi Bounce (2:18)
  • `Opihi Momona Nui (2:25)
  • Nahenahe (1:53)
  • Pau Pilikia (3:06)
  • Kane’ohe (Aloha Ku’u Home Kane’ohe / Mama E) (3:01)
  • Manini (1:13)
  • Silver Threads Among the Gold (3:42)
  • Maori Brown Eyes (2:42)
  • `Opihi Moemoe – (alternate version) (3:04)
  • Aia Hiki Mai/Koni Au/Palisa (2:05)
  • New` Opihi Moemoe (2:45)
  • Mi Nei (2:41)
  • Ki Ho`alu (2:37)
  • Palolo (2:25)
  • Grandfather’s Clock (2:12)
  • 'Akaka Falls/’Imi Au Ia’Oe (2:48)
  • ‘Opae Tumatuma (2:45)
  • Sase (2:44)
  • Ke Aloha (2:20)
  • `Uhe’uhene (2:39)
  • Hula Blues (2:48)
  • Old Mauna Loa (2:34)

  • Po Mahina (3:09)
  • Hawaiian Love (2:17)
  • Noho Paipai (Rocking Chair Hula) (2:25)
This first CD reissue of the late Leonard Kwan’s historic Tradewinds recordings marks an important event for all fans of slack key. Leonard’s unique and beautiful style is lovingly represented on these legendary tracks recorded from 1957-1974. This CD includes all of the masterful Tradewinds tracks with Leonard as a leader, plus two songs featuring him as a sideman. His classic 1960 album SLACK KEY (the “Red Album”), part of this reissue, was the first ever all-instrumental album of slack key guitar. It influenced and inspired everyone who plays slack key and continues to be the most influential slack key guitar album in history.

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