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Keola Beamer
One of the most innovative and influential slack key guitarists of the modern era, Keolamaikalani Breckenridge Desha Beamer was born February 18, 1951 in Honolulu.
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Bob Brozman
Bob Brozman was born in New York in 1954. Like most great musicians, he takes his craft very seriously while maintaining the infectious sense of fun that inspired him as a child to pick up an instrument and play.
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Sonny Chillingworth
Edwin Bradfield Liloa "Sonny" Chillingworth, Jr. was one of the most influential slack key guitarists in history. In a tradition that encourages individualism, his unique patterns, bass runs and vamps had a profound impact on musicians and listeners alike.
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Cindy Combs
Like all slack key guitarists, Cindy brings her own unique features to everything she plays. Producer George Winston is especially excited about her use of the fairly rare G6th tuning.
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Barney Isaacs
Alvin Kalanikau "Barney" Isaacs, Jr. (1924-1996) was one of Hawai'i's premier steel guitarists. Barney grew up in a remarkable musical family that included his father, composer and band leader Alvin Kaleolani Isaacs, Sr., and two brothers, slack key master Leland "Atta" Isaacs and multi-instrumentalist Norman Isaacs.
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Led Kaapana
The year 2000 marked Led Kaapana's thirty-seventh year as a professional musician. In that time, Led's hard work and easy going attitude have earned him a reputation as one of Hawai'i's most beloved traditional musicians.
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Moses Kahumoku
A powerful improviser, gifted composer and interpreter, Moses "Moke" Kahumoku was born in 1953 in Honolulu, and was raised in Keaukaha on the Big Island.
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George Kahumoku, Jr,
He's been called Hawai`i's Renaissance man: George Kahumoku Jr., master slack key guitar player, songwriter, world-wide performer, high school teacher, former principal, sculptor, story-teller and a farmer so in tune with his islands that he has won several state and national awards for his work with the land.
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Dennis Kamakahi
Dennis David Kahekilimamaoikalanikeha Kamakahi (1953-2014) was one of Hawai`i's most prolific and popular songwriters. He was also a warm, evocative singer and a gifted guitarist firmly committed to the ki ho`alu (slack key) tradition.
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Ray Kane
Affectionately known as the slack key ambassador, Ray Kane (pronounced Kah-neh) has helped open many doors for this beautiful and unique guitar style.
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Ozzie Kotani
Ozzie Kotani is a respected teacher, arranger, composer and accompanist as well as a solo performer. He has played ki ho`alu, Hawaiian slack key guitar, for over 20 years, representing it on the Mainland, in Spain and Japan, as well as all around the Hawaiian islands.
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George Kuo
George Kuo was born on November 17, 1955, but his beautiful slack key guitar style dates back a generation or two earlier. "I feel a lot of appreciation for the old style of slack key and the lifestyle of my grandparents, granduncles, grandaunts and all the older players. There's a special aloha for them that I try to convey..."
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Leonard Kwan
Leonard Keala Kwan has been playing ki ho'alu, Hawaiian slack key guitar, for over fifty years. He has proven to be a creative artist as well as a trailblazer. Along with late slack key greats Gabby Pahinui and Sonny Chillingworth, he is one of the three most influential slack key players in history.
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Cyril Pahinui
In many ways, Cyril both maintains and expands slack key. He lovingly plays the standards and gratefully acknowledges his teachers. Yet Cyril also freely draws on a wide variety of music styles.
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James "Bla" Pahinui
Born in 1942 to the late slack key guitar legend Gabby Pahinui (1921-1980), founder of the modern slack key era (he made the first ever slack key recordings in 1946), and the late Emily Pahinui, Bla was raised in Waimanalo, on O'ahu's picturesque windward side.
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Martin Pahinui
After nearly a half century making music, Martin illustrates that good music well played exists in a special place outside the confines of passing fads. He also reflects a firm commitment to both honoring and extending the Pahinui slack key legacy.
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